Monday, February 24, 2014

diy oil pastel on wood board ocean abstract


So in order to comfortably write on my menu board that I made (as seen here) I had to hang it lower than anything else in the kitchen and dining room. Which has left the room feeling kind of off center to me. Originally I bought this wood board to write 'make tea not war' (monty python quote mocking the quote 'make love not war') across, but then my husband gave me a hard time about how I have repetitively said that sayings aren't really my style for artwork. I completely enjoy and appreciate them in other people's homes, just haven't felt like doing it myself. Now I was willing to make an exception for tea and a monty python reference, but feeling thoroughly chastised I looked for an alternative.

Hopefully  it doesn't look like crap because my alternative search took approximately the length of a game of thrones episode. I had some cheap pastels lying around, looked up whether they were compatible with wood, then after some searching ran across this painting by Michelle at AM Dolce Vita, whose home by the way looks like the cover of a magazine.
my inspiration:

First I lightly sanded and wiped off the board. Then I used the colors that I had to somewhat mimic the layering that she created, though clearly not to such stunning effect. I used sandpaper to blend rather than my finger or a blending stick, continuing this process about 3 times, then ending with a few white highlights. I sealed it with Krylon Matte Finish, a very easy and affordable choice to prevent too much smudging as pastels never really 'set.' Lastly, I attached picture wire at the back in 3 places with staple gun and covered them with adhesive felt. I find picture wire so much easier for hanging level pictures and artwork.

Well the room is more balanced but hopefully I made the right choice....


 Here is my attempt to stitch some pictures together to show my attempt at increasing the balance of the wall art height. Hopefully I am not the only crazy person who thinks about these things hah.

A good friend of mine, you know the type that completely and unashamedly gets you and still loves you (miracle), came over for the first time in probably 6 months, due to where she lives and having toddler. While we were sitting in my still unfinished front room/office she jokingly asked if I had thought about how I had arranged the vintage botanical prints that I still have taped on the walls. Clearly she already knew the answer ... there really is no hope for me might as well embrace it as a strength(?) and move forward.

btw the other portion of the board I layered with hooks, given to me by a friend, and a mason jar votive for the front entry way.... to be finished soon hopefully :)