Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY Glass Jug Lamps and a Ceiling Fan Updo

Glass Jug Lamps
Pottery Barn inspired and tutorials from an amalgam of sites, including The Inspired RoomThe Concrete Cottage, etc.

2 free carboys, courtesy of friends
1 6ft clear lamp cord
2 lamp sockets
2 corks
2 threaded nipples
1  extra plug
2 harps (returned)
2 burlap lamp shades from World Market

Tools: wire cutter/stripper, hot glue gun, drill, pliers

First J cleaned the glass jugs, though i am realizing maybe they need a second wash...
Then we started fooling around with the hardware aspect. Please note of caution I am not an electrician - I have no idea what I am doing - sometimes I feel that it is just happenstance and luck that my projects work out - so proceed at your own risk. The ideal situation would be to thread wire through cork, threaded nipple, bottom of lamp socket, then follow directions to shape into pretzel loop to avoid accidental removal, attach and tighten screws to middle part of lamp socket, fit three pieces of lamp socket together then attach to threaded nipple, then screw threaded nipple into cork. I left a hole on the side of the cork as well since I decided I like the way it looked better with the cord on the outside than on the inside. I trialed a linen shade from Lowes and liked it ok with the light off, but did not like it with the lamp on, so back they went with the harps that were necessary for them. Instead I ended up with burlap shades from World Market and loved them. I decided to cut the lamp cord in half to save money and purchased a cheap replacement plug that was incredibly easy to use.

Thrift store lamp
$8 dollar lamp from Southern Thrift
Target gray linen shade
$3 lamp socket replacement

It said that it had been test and worked, but was kind of fritzy so with out new found electrical proficiency we replaced the socket hooray reliable and beautiful lamp after a quick wipe down with magic eraser sponge and new lamp shade.

Ceiling Fan
So I have Restoration Hardware envy too, but at $800 ticket price it totally wasn't happening. Foucault's Iron Orb Chandelier Rustic Iron Medium

But I do have a terribly ugly ceiling fan and light that needed some attention, so when I saw tutorials from Vintage Revivals and Addicted2Decorating. I was initially really interested in the tutorial from This Old House, newly refurbished ceiling fan with inset of ceiling fan beforebut didn't want to spend $50 in Edison bulbs, though I do love them.

Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint (which I can now confirm that Walmart has the cheapest price)
2 14" metal hanging flower baskets from lowes on sale for $5 each!
40 w clear round bulbs with standard size thread
new light/fan chains

Tools: screwdrivers, electrical tape, etc.

My husband was incredibly nice to remove and clean ceiling fan for me. I disassembled the fan blades and rotated them in preference of the plain side. We had to take some pieces of the light fixture apart in order to attach the first flower basket upside down with chains removed. Then I used the hooks that held the chains to attach the second flower basket to the first, after of course putting the light back together. I spray painted the whole thing Oil Rubber Bronze - making sure not to forget any screws not currently attached but that would be visible. Then we reattached the wiring and hung it back up. J had to perform a lot of tightening to improve how wobbly the light fixture was before we took it down, but it worked! Then we added the bulbs and sat back to admire our handy work! I felt a little uncertain if it would work, but I am so glad that we tried it out because I love it.
 Now how to fix that ceiling... wood all the way across different stain for the beams? hmm