Thursday, November 7, 2013

natural coffee filter wreath and toilet paper roll art

Natural Coffee Filter Wreath

I primarily followed Martha Stewarts video available on Youtube as seen here, but I enjoyed looking at so many different versions different people had made both on Google images and Pinterest. I made mine using a straw wreath (it was the least expensive) and hot glued natural coffee filters after folding into quarters. I glued them in three rows: middle, interior, and exterior. I was going to hang them by a roughly put together fabric ribbon, but it didn't quite fit the door so I attached it to the bottom temporarily.

Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Once again I looked at numerous Google images and Pinterest ideas before deciding on an adaption of Just a Girl's blog tutorial. I knew I wanted to leave the rolls in compresses circle shape without getting into cutting and shaping them. I cut them in 1 inch slivers, hot glued four together into a flower/star shape, then sprayed the a single time with white spray paint from Rustoleum in a glossy finish. I bought a cheap 3 pack of thin blank canvases and did nothing to them other than add wall hanging materials to the back of them. I used hot glue to attach to the canvas after laying them out to see if I liked the design. So far only one person has guessed the material and I am happy to have some inexpensive art in the guest bedroom!