Wednesday, April 10, 2013

guest bedroom and craft room renovation

Here are the beginnings of our guest bedroom and my sewing/craft room. First we ripped up the carpet and fortunately there were awesome hardwood floors underneath. This wasn't a huge risk since the previous owner had already uncovered the hardwood floors in all of the other rooms.

 I really wanted some gray colors, and ended up choosing this Behr Down Pour color that is gray and purple. I hung some white curtains that we already owned. I also set up my Nana's old sewing desk and an old bookshelf that has been in my family for as long as I can remember in the room. Though I am thinking that I would like to paint the bookshelf a more interesting color as well, the black just feels a little harsh to me in this room. Most recently I have been considering painting it khakish color.
We recently purchased this brass bed for $30 from someone on craigslist
I spray painted it oil rubbed bronze after cleaning it a little, but I did not sand it. Clearly I need to work on my spray painting skills - I was a little over zealous to cover it all quickly rather than having the patience to go slowly with multiple even coats. Things I will hopefully remember for next time, though I am still really pleased with the improvement!  The brass has been banished! (side note: I also clearly love the use of exclamation marks too much-which always reminds of the seinfeld episode about just that)

We clearly still need to purchase a mattress and I am going to be doing a little room rearranging, as well as intensifying the closet organization. I finally made a leap and purchased the coral fabric from Joanns below to add pop of pattern and color, by lengthening to white curtains to floor length. Strange that color feels brave to me, but it can be difficult to step outside your comfort zone and commit to a different color. Can anyone else relate?
My mom picked out the white bedspread with shams from Martha Stewart for us as a Christmas present. Not sure if you can tell but it has a scalloped edge and a white on white quilted leaf design. I also just recently found these sheets at TJ Maxx - how perfect are they in color with the geometric design! 
Curtains complete, mattress added complete with bedding and the room has been reorganized, as you can see below

And the inevitable To Do: 1. lengthen white curtains 2. add mattress and deck out bedding 3. find a nightstand and lighting (maybe a coral lamp?), 4. paint bookshelf 5. organize crafting area and closet to be purposeful and eye appealing 6. cover the oatmeal boxes to create some of that organization 7. reorganize room to help with space to walk around bed