Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY wall prepping and painting after the wall paper

 So last time I was wishfully hoping that there would be some magical primer to level and seal in all of this glue without repeated scraping.... wrong! While the paper came off relatively easily in the front 'living room' it left behind a lot of icky yellowed glue. The walls felt bumpy and looked gross. We started with fabric softener mixed in water with a sponge and the scrapers that I mentioned before. Well it was taking forever and I at times was seriously gouging the walls. You can see the small left section of the wall below that it took us at least an hour to do.
 So Johnny headed back to Home Depot (we had been at Lowes earlier and asked, but hadn't been given any great solutions). He came back with DIF wallpaper stripper by Zinsser and this awesome heavy duty scraper that completely changed our lives! Thank you so much extremely helpful and knowledgeable person at Home Depot! Have any of you guys experienced a difference in knowledge between your different home improvement stores? I like both of their products and they are comparably priced, but this may be the difference that pushes us over the edge.
 The DIF the instructions were really simple. We wore gloves, mixed in the prescribed amount of DIF into clean water, then had a second bucket of just clean water. Sponge it on, wait a couple minutes, scrape off, then wipe clean. It is supposedly pretty nontoxic and low VOC so extra perk! After that we were in business. It still took a while, but not nearly as tediously.
 Following a clean and smoother work surface, I primed with Zinsser 1,2,3 primer since it is bonding (my new favorite thing) to increase the odds and coverage of the previously gluey walls. It worked well and went on very thickly. I intentionally primed the seams between the wall and the trim, though the trim had been painted a year ago, because the wall paper was so old that the trim was laid on top of it and I wanted a cleaner finish.

 As you can tell I painted the ceiling too, and last year when we painted the trim we didn't paint the window trim so it looks more cream.

 There were still gouges to deal with and I decided to putty following priming, once again for better adherence after doing some research on the web. Here it is after I puttied but before I painted the window trim. I wasn't careful or taped as I plan to razor blade them clean after I am finished. I feel that it is faster and I am using the paint to once again increase the weatherproofing between the glass and the wood.
 Then after I sanded the putty. For which I would suggest wearing a mask and vacuuming following.
 Now finally to putting some paint on the walls. I used a flat paint as it is supposed to hide wall flaws better in Valspar Riverbed's Edge. We fell in love with this color when we lived in a condo in Knoxville and used it in the living room. My only regret is that I didn't tint the primer. It is such a dark color that it would have been very helpful. I didn't, due to the fact that I was priming trim as well and at the time didn't want to add another step. I was initially going to go without taping and try to free hand, but then my helpful husband taped for me before I got to my second coat.
 A view from the dining room/kitchen into the newly painted living room. It has been one of my goals to make sure that looking from one room into another that they wouldn't clash too significantly. I felt like I made that mistake in our condo.
 Yeah completion, sort of, now I just need to finish painting the trim and do something with that awful front door.
 I guess that isn't entirely true there is still a long to do list for this room:
-build/buy built in bookshelf system for the wall to the left of the chair right of the window
-build/buy oversized open desk, stain in mineral green
-hang some vintage plant photos
-create a mini entry/mudroom (primary one still to go with back door)
-figure out some window treatments
and eventually the furniture in this room will be recovered and repurposed either to this room or to different ones. I am sure I have more, but why inundate this with minor details.