Friday, February 3, 2012

diy Adorable Kimono Shoes for babies and toddlers

I am so excited for my friends who are pregnant that I just couldn't wait until things like baby showers or knowing the sex to make a gift, even if small. Code, small=adorable. Personally I am addicted to the TV show How I Met Your Mother and I can't stop thinking about this episode (Season 4, Episode 7) where two of the characters are considering getting pregnant. A neighbor ends up accidentally leaving one of her baby's socks in their apartment and everyone falls to pieces over how cute it is. That is what I have been doing with these tiny shoes. Thanks to the blog Homespun Threads. I had a bit of difficulty following her instructions, of which by the way there are two sets on the internet, but the product is so cute and I am sure I could improve after a few tries! This is my interpretation of her directions, but please follow her directions over mine!

-Print off pattern from attached link to Homespun Threads pdf, which is available in 3 different sizes -1/4 yard of two different kinds of fabric (*I used a creamy wool felting and patterned flannel)
-coordinating thread
-embellishments for the outside if desired
-and of course all of your sewing knick knacks

1. First I cut pattern out of the printed paper and traced it with a disappearing ink marking pen on the interior of the top and the exterior of the bottom.

2. Pin with right sides together interior top to exterior fabric. Sew indicated dotted line at the top of the pattern. Cut exterior fabric to match interior. Press seams apart and trim to decrease bulk. Fold over with right sides out.

3. Place exterior bottom onto interior bottom with bondaweb in between with wrong sides together. Cut out to match pattern completely and press to seal bondaweb according to directions on packaging.

4. Center top on the back of the bottom with exterior sides together pin half of shoe, making sure that you go in opposite directions (pin one shoe to the right and other to the left). Stitch down with approximately a 3/8ths inch seam.

5. Pin down opposite side and stitch according to previous directions. Trim and turn right side out.