Sunday, February 16, 2014

painting the trim

It's official- I hate painting trim. Especially when it takes 3 coats and you have old paned windows. Sadly, I feel only a tiny elated, because while the kitchen, dining, living room/future office, hall bath, and louvered bedroom doors are painted and only need minor touch ups; there are still 7 interior/exterior windows for the trim to be painted on in the bonus room and the old garage area soon to be part mudroom that we just started demoing as seen in the first wall paper removal post here.

I did all the usual things to prep for painting.
-caulk or use wood filler as necessary to make the trim look smooth and cohesive
-tape*see below for my neurotic nature
-prime with the Zinsser 1,2,3 for the pieces that were bare wood.
-then painted with the trim color we chose ages ago when we first started this process Valspar's Homestead Resort Jeffereson White in a semi gloss, which for me is the perfect white because it is not so bright that it won't go with creamier things. Crazy how many shades of white there really are!!
-razor the windows and clean up everything

*Ok so i am incredibly picky about how I tape things off for painting. Here are my guidelines for taping
-That the edges should line up and all be smoothed down.
-I prefer not to press the tape downwards on corners so that it is flat therefore it can catch any drips.If you fold the tape over an edged surface such as a door frame then it will likely rip in half when you pull it off. See below for my high-jacked photos. I apologize for not taking my own.
-I like to start in a spot and proceed clockwise or counterclockwise. This makes it so that the tape comes off in one gigantic strip. Especially helpful if you are taping the ceiling.
FOLDED from the Daily Home Reno Tips
FLAT from the DIY Network
I haven't tried the trick of painting the color underneath first so that there won't be any bleed, but it sound ingenious. Though I am dabbling more and more in my free hand occasionally using a Clorox wipe to any mistakes up, now that I have a good 1 1/2 inch angled brush.


Mid process with the frosted window pane look and a giant mess. 


  A view from the bonus room through the dining/kitchen to the front living room/office. 
  Hallway to the bedrooms and hall bathroom now that all the doors are painted. I contemplated so many solutions to having louvered bedroom doors. Replacing with ones from Habitat Restore, covering the louvered parts with beadboard and trim, making fabric organizers for the back to help somewhat muffle the sound, etc. I guess for now I am going with option #3. All the others were more expensive that I want to deal with for the moment, so they finally got painted and my vision of cohesiveness is taking steps forward. Yay!
 Hall bathroom with updated trim paint. Still to do replace mini blinds with plantation shutters, replace the vanity, and frame the mirror. Not to mention I need to matte my awesome picture that I got for my birthday last year. See previous post here
  Kitchen & dining room with freshly painted and cleaned up trim. Though it is so superbly bright in here (I love natural light!) that you can't really tell. Eventually I would like to add trim to the cabinets, a potato/onion basket next to the trash can, and refinish the table, chairs, and ladder pot rack. See previous posts here & here
Living room/office freshly painted trim and walls sans wall paper. So excited about this! With a view of my recently painted dining room hutch (seen here). I haven't quite figured out how to actualize my dream for this room. I want to keep the sofa in here for reading in the fantastic natural light the front window offers, but I want a built in bookshelf (or look alike such as this Hemnes case from Ikea ) with additional space for a desk for both of us, since we are both self-employed and often working at home. Above the covered up couch are my new vintage botanical prints! I had them printed on white linen paper at UPS for less that $10! Now I just need to find the perfect frames for them and decide where to hang them in the living room. As you can tell I was testing it out temporarily. I am sure I will elaborate on the details later.

Now to cleaning up that old garage area- a much bigger dilemma than this room despite it taking a couple weeks in and of itself.
I have primed the trim that we are keeping around the doors and windows, but everything else is slated to get ripped out. So that I can create a board and batten mudroom with additional storage for my themed unit toys that I use as speech-language pathologist. Ugh it's so hideous... I need to scroll up and admire those completed pictures instead. This to do list is too long to enjoy enumerate at the moment.


But... maybe we should enjoys some before photos for a moment, especially since I have been blogging for a couple years now and home improving for a little over a year. So here is a small montage of our progress: