Wednesday, March 12, 2014

diy burlap pin board inspired by Ballard Designs

So while those entry way hooks (last post) took me the better part of two weeks, due to traveling and slowly accumulating everything that I needed - this project came together in what felt like seconds! So rewarding and easy. I am pretty much high on crafting - though I blew quite a bit of $ to finish up several projects yesterday with visits to home improvements stores and crafts stores .... sorry husband *sheepish* Not that he is the type to even be upset, in actuality he is normally somewhat proud of my ability to save money by making stuff myself, using coupons, or finding items on clearance. For instance this burlap message board from Ballard Designs ranges from $49 for a small to $219 for the large (ouch!).

Burlap Message Board

This project cost about $8, for a half price 12x12 thin canvas board (you save so much if you are willing to have a thinner canvas), a couple dollars for burlap, and a couple dollars for nail head upholstery trim in an aged brass; of which I only used a third of the burlap and about half the nails from one package. The black ones are actually for another project...*mischievous grin*

In addition to the materials above I used my trusty staple gun and a finishing spray in the hopes that it would prevent fraying. First I ironed my burlap.

Then just get busy centering the burlap on the board and stapling it, alternating sides and checking the front to insure that you don't get wavy burlap lines (unless you want that). I always start in the middle with two opposing sides then work my way towards the outside, not getting too close to the corners to that I can fiddle with them and wrap them how I see fit without too many bumps.

All stapled! Back and...


Then I started attaching the nail head trim, mostly by hand, but occasionally using the hammer to finish it off. I started with the four corners, then used my ruler/tape measure to attach one at the center (6") and at each third (3" and 9") approximately. I wasn't too fussy about it to be honest and eyeballed their placement with those measurements as a rough approximation.

I nailed this sawtooth picture hanger in the center, then...

added it to the wall! Now to get ahold of that abstract I mentioned in my last post so that it doesn't look so lonely. Like I said crafting high! Anybody else feeling a crafting high or spring fever thanks to this injection of sunshine?