Sunday, March 23, 2014

diy wooden house numbers

Well my house has been looking a little naked in the numbers department at least.... So I finally grabbed some wooden numbers at Joann's while getting umpteen other finishing odds and ends there, as mentioned a couple of weeks ago. While I wish that I could say that I mention Joann's in every other post because they are paying me to do so, I'm not.... I just have a craft obsession apparently. 

These unfinished wooden numbers were I believe in a 6 inch size and each cost me about a dollar after coupons/discounts etc. The needed just a bit of sanding, along with removal of stickers, etc.

I might be getting a little bit rote, but I spray painted them with Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint from Rustoleum. While shopping at Wal-Mart is not my favorite adventure, they undoubtedly seem to carry this in the best price even when compared to contractor packs at Home Depot and Lowes.

Next I grabbed a miscellaneous board that had just been laying about the house. Filled in a gap with wood filler, sanded, then wiped it down clean.

I used some of the Valspar Redstone Blue Spruce exterior paint leftover from the doors and applied it haphazardly with a small sponge brush.

After paint application. I actually had no intention of it looking like this, but decided that I liked it once it did.

Two coats of oil-rubbed bronze finished and drying next to our unsightly 'carpet room' still in its in between wall paper removal phase.

Once the numbers were dry. I used wood glue to adhere one set to the painted (now dry) board. I followed up the paint with a two finishing nails per number.

Sadly, the finishing nails, caused the wood to crack in a couple of places. So I filled that with glue, let it dry and painted over the glue. I felt kind of grumpy about that, but decided that for the price that I was paying for the project (less than $10) that I wanted to just keep charging ahead. So onward we shall go!

Mailbox before the addition of the house numbers. I am not super keen on how the white looks with the red flag and green post. I painted the post last fall when we were doing the rest of the exterior, but I am thinking that I might need to spray paint the mailbox oil-rubbed bronze... or maybe just the flag? What do you guys think?

I glued the other set of numbers to the post outside facing the direction that cars turn into our dead end street, then taped them so that they wouldn't slide while drying. Fancy - right *wink wink*

Attaching the board to the masonry of our lime washed brick was slightly trickier. We pre-drilled holes in the four corners of the board. Then held it up where we wanted it (drilling into the masonry not the brick) and use the drill to 'mark' where the holes were.

My husband then pre-drilled those holes into the masonry with a special bit and quite a bit of force.

Once everything was drilled I filled each masonry hole with some polyseam caulk, which apparently works with brick and every other surface known to man. This was used that so that when the screws were drilled into the pilot holes the masonry wouldn't continue to widen and loosen. The screws that we used were extras also lying around, but pretty hefty ones at least 2 1/2 inches long with some good teeth.

So far seems to be working like a charm! Anybody else starting to feel the spring fever??

Just in case BEFORE (you can even see the living room cornice board still up to the left and the unpainted window trim)


Still to do:
-spray paint the exterior lights,
-fix the mailbox to a point where I can tolerate it,
-change the exterior door knobs (my half brass/half oil rubbed bronze is working for no one lets be honest),
-hire someone to redo the door frames of all three exterior doors, and
-lastly eventually build a real porch onto the front and re-do the landscaping.