Thursday, March 27, 2014

updating the exterior house light fixtures

Part 1: Spray Painting the Front Porch Lights

First off we removed the light..... followed by EWW and I am not just talking about the old brick color... There were only two wires so detaching and reattaching was pretty easy breezy.

The lights were a lovely maroon color with splatters of paint and lime wash-way to go us for being neat and tidy.

We removed the glass plates and soaked them in cleaner overnight.

Then Johnny was nice enough to clean them, scrape them down with the straight edge razor we also use for cleaning up the window trim, and sanded.

Next two coats of Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint. 

Re-attach and done! Such a rewarding and quick project.

I know that I keep belaboring it, but I really really want to tackle those rusted nasty porch railings, redo the door frames, and door knobs/locks

Part 2: Lights in the back of the house (two side door lights and one flood light)

So this how the light, next to our laundry room, has looked since we purchased the house. This is the door that we come in and out of the most and where eventually there will also be a mudroom.

Yes this door frame needs some love too... though I do really like this older style door a lot.

I went with two small dark sky light fixtures in oil rubbed bronze for beside the two doors and a motion activated dual flood light for the corner of the house. These were all existing lights that we were replacing for aesthetic and functional appeal. I chose dark sky lights to reduce "light pollution" and since I couldn't find something resembling the front lights decided that I liked these $20 ones from Lowes well enough. Unfortunately this plan didn't end up working.... 

Here Johnny is replacing the light next to the laundry room first.

Success.... though this did not end up being the final result 

Next on to the side door (connecting to the bonus room) and yet more eye sores. Ugly door frame and I knew the lime wash on this wood was temporary, but had hoped to get a couple of years out of it before adding some shaker shingles. No go clearly :/ And how hideous is that light fixture!

New light attached and working!

Then we moved onto upgrading the single flood light to a dual flood light with a motion sensor. Well this is where the plan broke down. Unfortunately, that lovely gutter prevented the motion sensor from working. So back to the drawing board. We felt like we really needed at least one motion activated light, since this is where we park and gain access to our house.

So back to Lowes we went (we already had this back up plan in mind fortunately) to pick up this $60 motion activated, dark sky light.

It was only slightly more challenging to attach, as the fittings could be re-sized for different sized holes as it is a larger light fixture. We removed the new light next to the laundry room door and replaced it with this one.

Success .... again! And Johnny is obsessed, claiming that it may be one of his favorite projects to date. What can I say the boy has a penchant for function.

Last but not least, we still went ahead and upgraded the old flood light to an inexpensive dual flood light for less than $15 for the fixture, obviously the bulbs were an additional cost. 

All three lights in action, as the sun was setting on a sunny, but cool Saturday. Overall, since we already had the spray paint for other projects it cost us about $100 to upgrade them all.