Monday, March 17, 2014

diy drop cloth tissue box cover

So much extra drop cloth so little time! So I had a bunch of scraps leftover from the roman shade project (seen here) and I am now attempting to put them to good use. I hate some of the designs on the outside of tissue boxes, so I decided to go free form and sew up some covers. I had a tutorial pinned on my pinterest craft board, but never even pulled it up to look at it! I am certain it is a far superior product so feel free to pin it as well!

So first off (in my shadowy photos hah) I single seamed the inside bottom edge of a single piece of drop cloth that is long enough to wrap (plus some) around your preferred brand of tissues. I made my seam about half an inch from the edge.

I have recently just embraced my Sam's Club tissues though they may not be the most luxurious, they are also not overly rough or offensive to my particular nose.

Next wrap your fabric right side touching the box (in) to your desired fit. I fitted mine tightly then pinned at a corner. Single seam this closed the length plus at least another half an inch the height of your box.

This is a photo demonstrating how I moved my pins to be parallel when stitching for easier removal. I used the top pin to mark where I wanted to stop this straight seam.

 I would recommend using pinking shears to reduce unraveling whenever possible with drop cloth. You can definitely see evidence of that above in the first photo. Here I am trimming excess fabric so that the finished product will lay more evenly. At this point you should have a loop with a finished seam at the bottom and the loop should be incomplete, though you can sew it all the way up as well as this part will get cut off eventually anyways.

Fit the loop back over your tissue box inside out. Pull it down so that the fabric covers all of the box and pin it to the box if necessary. I pinched each corner edge and pinned to create a present like top, making sure to leave a slit in the middle.

Trim the edges after you have sewn them. Then once again refit the inside out cover to the box. Pin down remaining top to create slit for tissues to be removed. For this portion I stitched a complete rectangle around the top slit.


And bonus, hubby serenaded me while I worked. What a lucky girl I am! And all before we went on that aforementioned hike to Long Hunter State Park last weekend.

Anybody else trying to make the most of some leftover fabric scraps? I just finished up some coasters too from leftovers.... but while I will totally be using them they turned out quite misshapen and ... shall we say quaint? Frankly I didn't give them the time or precision they deserved and it shows! I could show you but I have so many other things to post about that I am legitimately excited to share that maybe I will deprive you of that disillusionment.