Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY Leather Desk Pad

I was looking for office decor to help my husband set up his new office (entire blog to follow regarding the dramatic change we made there!), when I saw some really neat tutorials on making a DIY desk pad. I mashed two different sites (Doda's Creative Wanderings and Prudent Baby) information and came up with the follow product:

Materials: 2-16x20 artist boards, 19x23 leather fabric, 15x19 green felt, scraps of burlap (cut into 4-2x4 pieces), Bondaweb self-adhesive (package of 5), hot glue gun

1. First I measured and cut all of my fabrics to the aforementioned sizes. Then I used my hot glue gun to glue the two artists boards together.

2. Then I began positioning the bondaweb on both the leather and felt. First I centered the leather over the artist board and began to fold the edges over the back. I ironed the back edges first and followed up with ironing the front. I used hot glue to go over any edge spots that appeared to be loose.

3. Next I attached burlap corners with the hot glue gun, followed up by adhering the felt to the back with the iron.

These are really abbreviated instructions, due to the great instructions you can find on the other two sites I used. Not to mention with the use of coupons, this cost me about $15 dollars to make. Hopefully my husband will think it is a nice gift!