Wednesday, May 1, 2013

diy curtains

So I have 3 different curtain projects to work on and one of which is finally complete!

1. improving previously owned curtains by lengthening:

So I had these Cool White Linden Street thermal back tabbed curtains, that shrunk in the wash (despite saying they were machine washable). We had previously hung them in our bedroom when we were in our apartment and condo, but I wanted to do something a little different this time. The white seemed like a nice contrast to the purple grey bedroom, but did not fit with my obsession for floor length curtains. I decided to lengthen them with another fabric and after much debate settled on this coral fabric.
-Instead of just adding the fabric to the bottom, I decided that it would be more attractive to still keep the bottom hem white. I measured the length of the curtain and the difference needed to get to the floor. I added an inch for sewing total to the top and bottom.
-Then I measured the width of the fabric and added an inch and half to both sides so that I could duplicate the seams on both sides of the fabric. Of course to my chagrin later I realized that the white panels were identical (helpful right)
-I pressed the sides first a half inch down then folded an inch over again. After pressing I sewed the seams down 1/4 of an inch from the inside fold.

-I then took the plunge and cut the white panels 5 and half inches from the bottom hem
-Pinned the coral fabric and the bottom hem with right sides together (and making sure that the design would be facing the right direction) and sewed together with the coral fabric on top, because otherwise my machine was unhappy with the stretch of the white curtain fabric. I did the short side first so that I wouldn't have to struggle with the bulk of the whole curtain both times. I sewed it about a 1/2 inch from the edge.

-Pinned and sewed the coral and top portion of the white fabric together, once again with right sides together.
-I trimmed both edges and then pressed open
-voila complete though not perfect curtains, which sadly in the larger picture look more orange than coral. What do you think about this before and after? Improved yea? nea?

2. drop cloth curtains
First I hung half of each panel on my window without doing a darn thing! Just to make sure I liked it and since I didn't have time to do otherwise. Since then I have managed to finish 2 of the 4 panels by, cutting the drop cloth in quarters (2 panels for each window), sewing each long side with a narrow double fold hem and the tops and bottoms with narrow single fold then 1 " hem. I did all of this without pressing as you will be able to tell and at a time when I really didn't have time to finish but none the less I am pleased with the results. I decided the length by pinning a couple inches below where I wanted it while it was hanging. Sorry that I didn't manage to take a picture of the window with both panels complete - not sure what I was thinking!
finished single panel


 1" hem at top

 unfinished hem

 lowes drop cloth I used all of it for 4 panels and 2 windows
Still to do:
2. 2 more panels

3. dyeing pottery barn curtains granny left for dining room
So I bought the dye to make them brown since there weren't many color options to improve from a light yellow, but i haven't done it yet. I did however hang them temporarily, after making my own curtain rods from electrical conduit sprayed with oilrubbed bronze and hung on 3/4" curtain rod holders. This was incredible easy and plan on doing more in the rest of the undressed windows soon.