Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY french press cozy

ok before I start rambling about this cozy ---- look what Santa gave me for Christmas ---- a new stainless steel trash can!! To quote my husband 'sad to say but I think that might be the present you are most excited about'  haha I am pretty excited about it.

DIY French Press Cozy

 So this pattern was incredibly easy to follow. I actually didn't even print the pattern listed in the book. I simply measured my french press (12d x 6w;  interior handle space 3w) and added an inch to about everything so that I would have 1/2 inch seam allowance. It is basically a rectangle the length from handle outside to outside with a narrower portion to go under the handle. I used a snap instead of velcro as was listed in the pattern, simply because that is what I had available. I used leftover outdoor canvas from the dining room bench cushion I made seen here and some batting in the middle. Cut two outside pieces, mine are the same, but for more fun definitely make them different and reversible. Layer the outside pieces with right sides together then place the batting on top. 

                          Pin together. Sew around all but 3 inches at the bottom of the large rectangle.
Trim up your seams, cutting the corners at an angle. Turn right side out.
Press if need be then stitch the opening closed. I used a zig zag stitch to make it 'decorative' but you could slip stitch it closed. Then attach whatever velcro, snap, or button you would like. If you are going to do a button then you will have to take the time to do a buttonhole earlier on. 
Mmm now my coffee stays nice and warm