Tuesday, December 31, 2013

every end is a new beginning

good bye 2013, you went by too quickly; hello 2014 and the promise of a continued life beautiful.

I have had more blessings than I deserve. Life is never perfect, but I hope that I have been able to give as much as I have received. In the spirit of that, I love this take on New Year's resolutions from a Mom with a Lesson Plan
A new New Year's Resolution Printable

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I spend too much time criticizing myself and not enough focusing on the things that I do well. So with grace and understanding that we are all imperfect, despite the pain or past experiences, lets appreciate ourselves and what we have a little more.

Here is my top 10 for the year in no specific order:

  • That Pope Francis is reinvigorating a faith inspired world filled with grace and understanding. I may not be Catholic but who can't appreciate his ability to change the topic to the least, the last, and the lost. 
  • That in the UK they are attempting to ban internet porn searches (BBC article for more info) need I elaborate?! I am sure it will take time for this to spread to other countries and to work out the kinks, but just the mere idea and gumption to tackle it is astounding.
  • The birth of my niece, Taylor Alexis, who is adorable and brings joy to all around her just like her big brothers, Trey and Ryan  
  • The gift of amazing friends, who tolerate, support, and bring so much joy and fun to our lives
  • My husband, who often gives more than he takes, is incredibly thoughtful, and just plain gets me.
  • A job that is rewarding, leads me to meeting amazing parents and children, and sometimes even leads to the gift of communication that none of us value enough.
  • An amazing house, that has given me the opportunity to be creative with an appreciation for old and new. Much of which I have been able to cathartically share on here.
  • Having a wonderfully supportive family whom I have actually gotten to see quite a bit this year despite them living on the other side of the states.
  • The ability and time (though I am always greedy for more) to exercise, especially playing softball (despite breaking my pinky finger this year) and getting to do hot yoga on a semi regular basis.
  • And selfishly, for entertainment, good, great, and terrible. Whether it is hiking, spending time with friends, playing trivia, going to Broadway shows, appreciating art, watching a movie/tv, or reading a good book.

Alright, enough being sappy! Happy New Year to all, may you feel as blessed and sentimental as I do taking in the imperfections and the perfections.

ps Did I mention I am also appreciative and humbled that anyone takes the time to read this - I hope that my misadventures continue to be helpful as so many others have been and continue to be for me.