Sunday, January 26, 2014

painted dining room hutch tutorial

Does anyone have one of those days, weeks, months where you feel like everything that comes out of your mouth is complete and utter garbage? And you think, whoa I could have sworn I used to be a nice person. Well needless to say I am having one of those days, weeks, months. I keep getting washed over by feelings of bitterness and irritation. Normally any reasonably sane person would filter these comments out and keep them to themselves. I mean the principle has been ingrained in us since childhood, right. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.  So what's my problem?? Somewhere my attempts to be witty have just gotten lost in the shade of being nasty; having something to say is saying something stupid; and my ability to be fun has become toxic and intolerable. Ok, clearly I am being melodramatic. Per my usual ability to over-analyze what others perceive in me or about me is far surpassing the thoughts others would probably give to my actions. According to my husband I am fine (but he has to say that right?), but I feel as if I have lost my way in so many areas.  I am officially in a funk. However, that being said, and whether this is based in fact or fiction, most of us are making strides towards being the best version of ourselves. So here is hoping that each day will bring forth kindness and understanding for the people that we matriculate through life with, since we never know the external and internal battles being faced on a daily basis. Here's hoping it is as easy as this painted hutch.


Yet another treasured heirloom from my Granny. I have read so many blogger's hesitation when parting with an heirloom to the master's of fate and paint. I felt the same. I was worried that this would be the job I botched and there would be no going back. Those concerns were unnecessary fortunately. I didn't initially achieve the color that I was going for, because I tried to be cheap and tint the white paint with some acrylic craft paint I had lying around. Fail - it was far too Easter egg blue, so I tried again with a sample size of the right color with just a hint of the white to get the properties of the water based alkyd enamel I decided to spring for. I tried to find Benjamin Moore Advance water-based alkyd, but no dice and ended up going with a similar version of Sherwin Williams. I also chose a bonding primer to decrease my effort with stripping.

gloves, 220 sand paper, disposable gloves, tack cloth, frog tape, bonding primer, 1 1/4 angled brush, small foam roller intended for cabinets, etc, min wax clear polish, Sherwin Williams water based alkyd enamel, blue acrylic craft paint, satin latex paint in a Moroccan blue

Step 1: Disassemble cabinet, then give it a quick clean
Step 2: Sand lightly to rough up gloss of surface, use tack cloth to wipe down. Use wood putty and glue on any difficult or beaten up spots
Step 3: Prime all surfaces, then let dry as indicated on container

Step 4: Paint white, cutting in corners, first; dry as indicated. Repeat for a second coat
half primed half painted

Step 5: Tape off white, paint inset area blue, dry as indicated. Repeat for a second coat

Attempt #1 failed mixed craft paint

Attempt#2 improved darkened color (for my purposes at least)

Step 6: Apply wax to polish and protect
Step 7: Reattach hardware and cabinet doors, reassemble