Sunday, June 30, 2013

dining room remodel

So we started with a lot of brass, wood paneling, and linoleum. 

got to love our window to nothing where they added the bonus room. I do appreciate having the natural light, but it isn't the most scenic view. I am hoping to add a vine like plant such as, carolina jessamine and train it to grow up a trellis.
As with the kitchen, we put down cork floors, painted the walls on 2 sides blue and on the hallway side as beige. For details read here
We have been so blessed to have inherited furniture pieces from family members, including a dining room table from my Nana and Papa and more recently the dining room hutch that was my Granny and Granddaddy's. It is such a wonderful thing to be surrounded by tangible memories of summers and time spent with them.

We decided to try our hands at a gallery wall. Though I wished that I had seen some of Young House Love's tutorials regarding this first. After this picture was taken I ended up buying 3M picture hanging squares to prevent them from becoming crooked if you walk by heavily. In the pictures we have a couple wedding photos, 2 Time magazine prints, 2 Degas prints, and 4 pictures of different places we have visited on vacation.
Then we started to work on our dining room table bench from upper kitchen cabinets, following EHow and This Old House's tutorials. We framed it out with 2x4s underneath, attaching it to the wall. Then attached to the two cabinets together, the 2x4 frame, and the wall. We glued and brad nailed leftover beadboard on the sides from where we did the kitchen island. We put the doors back on and had Lowes cut a 1" deep board cut to measure for the top. As of right now it is still not attached as I couldn't seem to make up my mind whether to paint it white or stain it. In hindsight, I wish that I hadn't followed the directions and cut the board wider than the cabinets so that your feet wouldn't hit the doors of the cabinets and there would be more space for cushions.

I picked out outdoor fabric from Joann's for the cushion base and 3 pillows, along with some polyfil and 3" foam. I finished the cushion, but I am stuck on how to fix the pillows so that they are narrow enough to be comfortable. 

Most recently, I finally had enough of this light fixture. We the aid of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and a swag light kit we gave it a makeover. First we turned the light on in the dining room and then cut the breaker to insure that it was off. We removed the light fixture from the ceiling. 

Then we detached the original wiring and replaced it with the cording in the kit by retwisting it, capping off the wires, and finishing off with a little electrical tape. We tested to make sure the light worked before reassembling and spray painting. 

While the spray paint was drying, we got to work on hanging the hook which can hold up to 30 lbs. I wanted the light in a really specific place centered over the dining room table, which was centered in front of the bench, centered on the window to no where previously mentioned, lol. Anyways, due to this fact we weren't able to hang in a stud, we used the toggle bolt as the instructions recommended.
 We hung the light approximately 33" from the table, then proceeded to weave the cord through every 4th chain link. Lastly, we rewired it in the electrical box, capped and taped them off.

While I had originally wanted to use LED or CFL bulbs they were so significantly more in this size that I just went with 25 watt soft white bulbs. 
Lastly, we replaced a couple of the worst registers in our house. We went with a decorative vent for the one that was in a high traffic area and in the middle of a walkway rather than against a wall.

Well I know this was a ridiculously long blog, but hopefully still enjoyable. We have been having a little too much summer fun with family visiting for approx 3 weeks, though not consecutive, and breaking my pinky finger at the end of April - requiring surgery and a 6-8 week time to heal. Here's hoping that more thoughts constructively make it out of my drafts and onto print. I find it so cathartic!