Monday, July 1, 2013

1 year and growing, diy growth chart tutorial, and an apron dress

Time to celebrate some sweet 1 year old birthdays! We have two very special friends whose babies I have posted about before.
For the little girl, Jilly, I ended up making a Crossover Pinafore and Diaper cover as seen in Smashed Peas and Carrots' blog. Unfortunately I didn't realize that it was double sided so, mine wasn't. I tried to compensate on the edging by using a decorative stitch. I had to change the pattern from a 12 month old size to an 18 month per parent request. Not my finest work, but I think my friend was touched.

plus this Bambi and Thumper Little People set, because every baby needs something fun to play with!
For baby Garrett, I made a Ruler Growth Chart, which seems to be all over the internet thanks to Pottery Barn inspired individuals everywhere. I didn't really follow any one blog but several including this one: 517 Creations. I purchased a 1x8x6 board and then used leftover stain in a Hickory color from where I made our coffee table. After it was dried I used the yard stick to measure it out first in pencil, then in black sharpie. I made my inch marks 3" long and all of the other ticks 1". I printed numbers in Garamond at 170 and letters in Gunsuhche at 200, then proceeded to trace through them in pencil to create an indentation, followed up by filling in and tracing in black sharpie. I didn't attach anything to hang it with yet so that they would have choices and I didn't compensate for baseboards so mine goes straight from 0-6ft.

And a Grover +Firetruck set to play with 

Kids are so darn cute and I definitely enjoyed having my niece and nephews visit for a couple weeks with my sister and her husband and my parents! It was some good, crazy family fun with cookouts, zoo and aquarium trips, roller coaster rides, water balloon fights, sidewalk chalk, a kiddie pool, and a couple of weeks of goodnight kisses. ps how ugly is the outside of our house! I can't wait to lime wash and paint when the humidity cools off a bit.