Friday, July 26, 2013

excruciating details: attaching trim, cabinet handles, and transition pieces

and may I say a pair of homeowners who attempted to kill themselves in the event of an impending family visit!
So we went at all the small and large projects we had been putting off for a solid week including lame things like trim (sadly still not completed with that) baseboards+quarter round, attaching kitchen cabinet doors and handles, attaching transition pieces to most of the floor, painting trim where it was different colors, and painting louvered doors. We didn't paint the doors to the bedrooms, because lets face it louvered doors not really invented for bedrooms - having had a total of 9 people in our 3 bedroom house certainly highlighted that fact!

doors all laid out in pairs when necessary
my handy self made template via some online tutorial that I failed to document in the madness. It worked great! I would highly recommend it over spending $ on one at the store, and the tutorial  wasn't that necessary anyways, as my cabinet wasn't sized exactly like theirs.

attaching the cabinet doors
drilling for handles - which we used throughout - thank you southeastern salvage. btw I am not a huge fan of knobs, anyone else prejudiced against knobs?

looking so much more complete! Now if we just get brave enough to finish the backsplash,,,

putting down trim, baseboards+quarter round to match what was in the original parts of the house, then following up with a bit of polyseam

painting madness-I would paint a wall anyday before tedious trim and louvered doors
before and after color of louvered doors

stained hardwood reducer transition pieces cut to size and nailed in, only in a few places and we went sans glue
door framed up with a 90 degree piece, since we removed the door and facing to widen it to move in the fridge.

We finally cut the rest of the trim pieces but haven't polyseamed or finished touching up the paint - and that ugly dining room and kitchen window frames are closer to being trimmed out as well, no pictures yet but some to follow soon!