Monday, March 18, 2013

reupholstered kitchen stools

So, I feel like Granny and I are super close since I keep writing about her, though we only had the pleasure of meeting once. She just so happened to have left us these stools. 

1. Following some primer and a couple of coats of Valspar Homestead Resort Jefferson White, they were a few steps closer to making their way into our kitchen. 
2. My husband very nicely allowed me to coerce him into pulling out the many many staples keeping the previous black leather  cushions attached. We ended up being cheap and reusing the foam after a bit of sanitizing. 
3. Then cut out the outdoor canvas fabric that I bought from Joann's. I also bought extra to make a couple pillows for the window bench. The cushion is going to be the solid blue, 2 cushions out of the same fabric as the stools, and then one long yellow pillow. I initially draped it over the stool and foam, then laid it out on my cutting board. From draping, I measured that I needed approximately 4" of fabric in addition to the size of the cushion. I merely eyeballed it with my tape measure, then laid it out and got to stapling. 
4. I used a staple gun to secure the fabric to the stool, making sure to pull it tight, and alternate sides for an even appearance. It took me approximately 12-16 staples on each stool.
5. I went back and checked to make sure no fabric was hanging too far below eye level, added a few more staples, then trimmed up the any extra fabric. 
6. Lastly following up with my trusty hot glue gun for hopefully what appears to be a clean and appealing look. I still need to ScotchGuard it for a little extra stain protection, but otherwise complete! I love days where you just feel on top of the world, like you have accomplished so much. Even if it is just a couple of reupholstered stools, a spray painted brass bed, and a new dining room bench to maximize seating at your kitchen table.
Notice: two stools ready for conversing, while cooking or maybe a nice date over some morning coffee.