Saturday, April 6, 2013

diy alphabet wall art

I can't resist making presents for my nephews who literally seem to have every toy under the sun. So this year I made a colorful alphabet wall art, like the one seen on Dawn Nicole. I used spray adhesive glue, (which sadly did not work very well in my parent's cold Alaska garage) to attach the colored paper and letters to a blank stretched canvas. I would have loved to have upscycled the canvas the way that Dawn Nicole did, however traveling to Alaska with my paper materials and buying the canvas through Amazon and having it shipped there was the only way that I could guarantee its completion. I did however upscycle in one way, by using my Ansel Adams calendar pictures to make the letters. I printed letters in a large size (that I can no longer remember) then I used plastic to trace an indentation to cut around. After everything was glued down, I attempted to spray modge podge to seal it, but once again the temperature was not very conducive to success. I completed the edges with denim look duct tape, due to my abbreviated time span rather than paint the edges. Here it is hanging in my nephews bedroom - yes my sister loves bright colors and actually painted their bedroom that green of her own volition ;)

We also got them a couple of other fun things the Q-Ba-Mazeand Snap Circuits which were both big hits, as  you can see by the heart my sister helped them build out of the marble run.