Friday, March 8, 2013

the master bedroom and attached half bath remodel

Here is granny's original decor. She very sweetly offered to leave us her Ralph Lauren bedspread and curtains seen here. I politely declined and insisted that she keep them both. She really was a peach!

I am of the mindset that the bedroom should be a calm and tranquil place. My husband and I fell in love with the color we used in our Knoxville condo when we lived there so we decided to bring it back. It is Valspar Blue Skylights. We used wedding $ to buy our Bassett bedroom set from Brown Squirrel, a discount furniture retailer, in 2008 and still love it. The only downside to black furniture is that it shows dust so much more quickly! I also feel really passionately about having a lot of space to maneuver around furniture comfortably with balance and harmony, not yet quite achieved with how large our nightstand is, but the rooms feel significantly less crowded than when we viewed the house with granny's furniture. We hung a few wedding photos, but did not redo the original photo wall that we had created in Knoxville (I will try to add a photo later), partially due to the fact that I hung a more diverse photo wall in our dining room. Hung curtain rods closer to the ceiling, with curtains made from canvas drop cloth. We have plenty of stuff from Target, including the lamps, bedding, duvet, and pin-tucked duvet covered, which I originally found inspiration from West Elm.


  We painted the half bath, now my husband's domain, with a mix of leftover Valspar Blue Skylights and some white, then hung a picture that he created at one of those painting classes. What a good husband to buy me a Groupon and go with me to one of those things, he was the only guy there! We went to Uptown Art for this painting of birds on a line, though he took a little creative license and changed the color scheme a bit.

To Do:
-finish the curtains by hemming and creating 2 panels for each window from the drop cloths - possibly paint the bottom of the drop cloth with a print like this one from Creative Outlets of a Thrifty Minded Momma 
-add crown molding
-paint the rest of the trim and the doors to match
-remove the mini blinds
-redo the closet to add more space (which is desperately necessary!)
-change the current nightstand predicament so that the bed is no longer partially in front of the window
-finally matte the large wedding photo (embarrassing that I haven't done this yet)
-fix the bathroom door to actually fit and close
-get a bathroom rug
-create more privacy from the louvered door by adding some type of material organizer behind the door for a temporary solution