Thursday, March 14, 2013

hall bathroom remodel progress

Time for more fun in the new house, though things have been going all of no where lately! Especially thanks to a stomach virus that hit me out of no where last weekend, leaving me feeling like I had been doing plank for hours! Anyways welcome to our hall bathroom, which at one point was the only full bath in this house, before the previous owners completed an addition. I think that I have been through an entire range of emotions about this lovely blue space. Starting with dislike for many things when I first saw it with Granny's decor, as is pictured below.
I disliked the random blue tiles in the walls, the vanity, the use of white and a subtle cream, the blue bathtub, and I absolutely hated the light switch cover, which you can see below in the shot that looks out into the hallway.
So we moved in, and I started to realize the things that I loved about it, like the interesting hexagonal shape of the tile on the floor, having a real linen closet and bathroom storage, natural light, tiled walls... I patched the numerous holes in the walls for starters and removed her lovely blue rugs, which left behind some residue that required a lot of scrubbing. It stayed that way for a while, mostly due to the fact that I couldn't decide what to do or how to begin to fix it. A full bathroom renovation didn't make it to the top of the list for one of our first projects due to cost and time.
I started to personalize and add somethings once I was able to really clean it up.
Look at the light switch cover blue and white tile gingham print. 
Finally I bit the bullet and decided that I just needed to embrace the blue for now, so I did my best to match the tile with the giant paint chip wheel I got with a coupon from Sherwin Williams. I ended up choosing Sherwin Williams Rain (6219) in a semi gloss and went to town as you can see.
Next I got inspired to clean the floors, they just looked dingy and didn't capitalize on the awesome shape of these tiles. I had just so happened to have recently inherited some cleaning supplies from my parents who had sold a home nearby, including Comet Soft Cleanser with bleach. I worked it into a lather and then let it set for several minutes, before I scrubbed it by hand with a brush. Then I was pumped up enough I did the tub for good measure. I feel like my handiwork paid off, but I am definitely hoping this doesn't become a regular occurrence and need.
 vaguely blue/white floors due to the lather
Before and After
To do:
-Get plantation shutters maybe from habitat restore and remove the mini blinds
-change the vanity, maybe something like this one from Ikea if we can figure out a way to work with the different tiles, etc.HEMNES/RĂ„TTVIKEN Sink cabinet with 2 drawers IKEA The size of the compartments can easily be adjusted by moving the divider.
-paint the trim and doors to match the rest of the house and I think that moving from a bright white will be more flattering to the tile
-add crown molding?
-change the light cover or paint it
-frame out the mirror, maybe in a wood color to match the vanity color eventually
-get a bigger print of this picture, Monet's Woman with a Parasol for over the toilet, right now it is in a small collage of different impressionists in the black frame from earlier photos. 
-and then of course the usual maintenance for the tile, etc.

** Update **
Yeah! I got my picture - happy birthday to me - in May that is, if it isn't obvious I am so behind on the things I want to write about and share!