Wednesday, November 13, 2013

painting, faux frosted glass, and some other miscellaneous odds and ends

So this was several weeks ago, but essentially what you need to know is that I went crazy with paint and other small projects.
I turned a shadow box that I had had forever sitting in my closet into a jewelry box, lining the back with a vintage handkerchief that was my nana's.

I painted the interior of this door with a free sample of the Redstone Blue Spruce that we also ended up using on the exterior of the doors. I don't know if I would have chosen it otherwise so way to go Lowes/Valspar free coupon for pulling me in.
Then I started working on a faux frosted glass look with clear laminate as seen in the tutorial from 7th House on the Left who was so kind as to include a template.
I took off the panes to the door and spray painted them white, while I was also painting the paper towel roll art seen a in a previous post.
I chose to do a Moroccan print, echoing the fabric that I picked when reupholstering the chairs in our bonus room. I cut out the template, then traced it repeatedly on the paper side of some clear contact paper while seated on the floor of the bonus room watching TV with Johnny. I cut them all out in one fell swoop and even made some that were halves going all the way to the edge of the paper, which ended up working out extremely well! Then I just free handed peeling and sticking them, trying to smooth without bubbles and not being finicky about orientation.

I tried to do the second door in a concentric circle design, but I didn't like it as well as the Moroccan print. I made my own template by just overlaying circle and tracing. 

I finally finished stitching up the dining room bench pillows- now butt barely fits on them lol.
I repainted the door in the laundry room white, rather than more of the muted gray purple in the laundry room.
I painted the old garage storage area that wooden siding with a mix of primer and white paint and hung salvaged shelves for storage. Of which I am too ashamed to show a before picture. Scratch that I think I was too ashamed to ever take a before photo!

Then I dabbled with painting an ancient bookshelf that has been in my family for as long as I can remember - my earliest memory with it being yellow and holding a variety of kid things, such as coloring books and crayons. I mixed white and leftover Perfectly Greige paint and just started to paint the outside without taking anything off. Yes I am that lazy! Now... should I finish painting the interior? probably haha maybe with a fun chevron in the back. I don't want too much chevron anywhere despite my admiration of it, I just feel like I would be jumping on the band wagon a bit late.