Wednesday, November 20, 2013

diy chevron wall art

Yay for homemade Christmas presents.... or at least that is how I hope my family feels. So, my lovely younger sister with 3 kiddos and quite the job being a full time mom, had some housing upsets in the past year. Long story short their two story house has only been one story operable for months due to some major renovations involving black mold in their basement/lower split level in Alaska. So, she hasn't had the time or energy to hang photos or decorate as all her time and resources have been directed towards keeping everyone sane and clothed without a clean washer and only one bathroom for several months. I looked on and really thought that would be an amazing gift, but decided that in order to get more bang for my buck I would make something. She is completely obsessed with chevron and has been talking for ages about painting a chevron wall possibly somewhere in her house. Therefore I decided to create 3 panels for her master bedroom where she has a bright yellow duvet. Eventually she wants to paint the walls grey so I decided to get 3- 16x20 panels and some yellow spray paint.
 I used masking tape to tape off the chevron first by creating diamonds then using a box cutter to remove the in between lines. To tape it evenly I used a pencil and ruler to mark the sides in quarters and the bottom at the mid-line. I got this idea after looking online and seeing 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt's blog. It worked really well and was incredibly easy.
 However, I did somehow knock off the nozzle for the cheap spray paint that I bought which lead to some inconsistencies in the paint job. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable-sigh the best laid plans.

 After the paint dried I began to remove the tape.

 Lastly, I took some blue acrylic paint that I bought for a coaster project (to be shared later) and created a rough heart. I was inspired by Wed Loft blog, though I did kick around a few other ideas. Especially since my sister has an entire page of quotes that could have totally worked in this scenario. A friend also suggested maybe using the state of AK, but for the sake of time and storm windows (also to be shared later) a heart it was. I figured if they didn't like the panel I decorated they could just use the two plain chevron ones,  no harm no foul.
 Anyone else celebrating Christmas at Thanksgiving due to the distance that you have to travel? Clearly that is the mischief we are up to since my husband and I still alternate between TN and AK and our respective families. While this is understandable, I am still of the frame of mind that in general or in an ideal world Christmas shouldn't be seen or discussed until you get the turkey out of the way. I certainly don't want to see giant inflatables in Lowes and Home Depot in September. disturbing!