Tuesday, January 8, 2013

more nesting fun with my sister and a diy headband hair bow board

My husband and I just got back from a nice long two week vacation with my family. It is always nice to get that time with them, especially since I often only get to see them 1-2 times a year. I guess that is just what happens when you are from Alaska and you move all the way to Tennessee-long story. Anyways, during the time that I was in Alaska we became a regular crafting factory to help my sister prepare for Taylor Alexis, her first little girl, but third child. Here are some of the things that we (my mom, sister, and I) accomplished during my stay. I apologize for not having very many step by step photos. It was such a rush to get it all finished that was a detail that fell by the wayside. Just to note, this is all my sister's inspiration and I can take no credit for any of the fabric choices, etc. It is all her design so I won't be able to comment on what inspired her as much as I might normally!

  •   hair bow headband board - made from art canvas, wrapped in fabric with ribbon anchored by buttons, then fabric staple gunned to wood frame in back. We also attached mug hooks to the front by first nailing a hole through the fabric and to start the screw for the hook and then used clear nail polish to prevent the fabric from fraying. Here is a website for one of the inspirations: The Paro Post

  • personalized lamp - started as a plain stick lamp from target, covered in fabric with spray adhesive, then used a hot glue gun on the edges both side seam, top, and bottom. Further embellished with ribbon -we played musical ribbon forever attempting to choose the right layout!
  • flannel burp cloths and blankets-I mainly cut these out then my mom went and had some fun on the sewing machines giving them each decorative stitches. My sister swears by these! The blankets are generally about a yard with rounded edges, then the burp clothes are cut from scraps in a somewhat bone shape. Some of them are backed with terry cloth on one side and this is just a snippet of how many this little girl will have-there is probably at least triple what is seen here. My mom is a pretty amazing seamstress!
  • dust ruffle 
  • diaper stacker
  • sheets- All of these were made from Simplicity Pattern 9140. Once again I cut out, Mom sewed. 

    • name wall art, butterflies, and shelves-spray painted letters to be hung above her crib. They were also modge podged with a spray version to prevent it rubbing off. Then these target butterflies were spray painted silver-no completed picture yet. And my sister used a stencil to paint pink animal prints on the shelf fronts. She has one more that she hasn't quite finished, what with being 37 weeks pregnant and all I am not sure if she will get it done!
    And then of course, what kind of Christmas in Alaska would it be without snow and moose in your yard!