Thursday, May 29, 2014

pottery barn inspired quilted tree skirt

This time I attempted to imitate a Pottery Barn-esque quilted tree skirt, like this one: 

This tree skirt is actually no longer sold by them, so even if I wanted to buy it instead of make it, it wouldn't have been an option. I had a friend help me with the embroidered initial for their last name.

I made it double sided, just in case with the hope that at least one of the sides would be enjoyable for them. See instructions from previous tree skirts here, but I will briefly review too. First step is always to cut out the circles. I use a pin to secure the tape measure at the corner of the fabric folded into quarters to measure. Then pin right sides together and straight stitch around with at least a half inch edge. Trim.

Fold into quarters again, then measure a smaller circle to wrap around the tree base.

Cut a straight line from outside of large circle to small circle.

. I went ahead and pinned the ribbon closures inside. Then straight stitched all but a small hole (in the middle) to turn right side out. Turn right side out, iron, embellish, and finish stitching closed.

Finished product!

Present wrapped, dolled up, and ready to go!