Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY laptop sleeve and more kid hats and mittens

Felted wool kids mittens and hats
So I made these once before (seen here) but had previously made them with fleece and flannel rather than felted wool and flannel. I love how the felted wool worked up in this pattern, though the downside is that it is no longer machine washable. This probably makes you think that I am totally crazy for choosing cream, but they were for babies who I didn't think would have as much opportunity to get their hands dirty. To make a hat and mittens for a 1 year old I used 3/4 yard of felted wool, 1/2 yard of flannel, 1 package of  1/2" wide single-fold bias tape, 13-16" of 1/4" wide elastic, 1 yard 1/4-1/2" wide ribbon (for the boys I used more bias tape and decoratively stitched it closed, plus all your usual sewing notions. 
The directions are very detailed in the book and while I definitely had to read everything a couple of times, despite doing this once before, and making two gloves for the same hand at one point in time, it is a relatively easy and rewarding project.

Laptop Sleeve
So at the very last minute on our way to AK for Thanksgiving with my family, my husband decided that he would really like to take my laptop with us. I really didn't want to lug my nice bulky leather laptop bag, so I started freaking out about putting it in a laptop sleeve. We went to every store we could think of but the only choices available seemed to be extremely loud in color or black and the bag I was carrying had navy in it. I know I am neurotic. Since I didn't really want to spend $20 on something I didn't really love, I decided to repurpose leftover fabric from the chairs I reupholstered (seen here).

I measured the quantity of fabric using the laptop starting with right sides together leaving about 1" extra to trim down for the seams. I cut an envelope flap and sewed its seams in first at the top edges, with a button loop. Then stitched the bottom sides together with my outdoor canvas and batting. I trimmed the edges with pinking shears to print fraying, turned it right side out, and added a single button.