Friday, October 18, 2013

color wash and remodel for a wash stand

Ok first off I apologize, apparently I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to rotate this photo in a way that it would actually be oriented correctly. Oh the things I do not know or have the patience to learn. Amazing how motivation and desire can have a significant impact on these things. I had never color washed a piece of furniture before, but clearly that didn't hinder me here. This wash stand was a piece of furniture that my father inherited from my Granny when she passed away. It had a towel rack on the right hand stand, a hinged extension on the top left, a drawer at the top, and a door with half tin pineapple set in and half some kind of wiring. Now I am not fundamentally opposed to punched tin inlaid furniture or chicken wire, but for me this particular combination was unflattering. So, I decided to paint it. And as I was sanding and prepping a bit - I got the notion to start disassembling as well. I removed everything but the towel rack. Then I started to prime it with some of the leftover bonding primer I had. I did so in a messy fashion as suggested by Stone Gable. Then once that was relatively dry I mixed some leftover paint (Perfectly Greige from Sherwin Williams actually pictured on the walls behind the cabinet) with water and did the same thing all over again. Following up with very minimal sanding at the end for that distressed look. I polished my with clear Minwax finishing paste. I was going to try the dark wax, but I couldn't find any in my local home improvement stores. I was pleased with the effect though, especially once I put my newly made glass jug lamp on top, a knitted blanket my amazing mother made, and a turquoise knob from Target on the drawer. I love that it is something that has memories and meaning, without feeling burdened by it not suiting my tastes. Best of both worlds! Oh and the baskets pictured are from World Market.