Monday, September 30, 2013

exterior of the house remodel

So somewhere along the way our house got confused and ended up with yellow-orangy brick, red orange shutters, maroon and metal window trim, brown siding and garage door, 3 different kinds of exterior and screen doors in a variety of colors, brown gutters, and an aging, ugly roof. Ugh I have been wanting to change this exterior since day one. I like the look of painted brick, but after some research didn't love that the upkeep required repainting every 3 or so years. My searching also brought up lime or white washing - cheap, DIY solution. I was sold. I really like that it lasts almost double the length of time and even then it ages and patinas. It is old school which also appeals to me. I had originally wanted to tint my lime wash to a different color, but when we bought the house one of the things written into the contract was new gutters with appropriate 90 degree turns, etc and they chose this lovely (*ahem) shade of brown without conferring with us. So I am trying to make do until we change the roof. One thing at a time right.

look wrong kind of paint = streaks down your brick
I would love to eventually build out a front porch from the right of the door to the left of the big window in the front living room. Maybe an open A frame with arbor trellis? some this like this but extended to one side? And sadly the beds up front won't get much of an overhaul until we decide what we are doing there, just no since in doing all that work to change it again.
The addition that was put on is composed of this incredibly cheap barn wood. I am kind of interested in doing shake shingles on the exterior eventually. like this? 

This is our shed, which theoretically should be great, but as you can see is beginning to fall apart. So we hope to eventually reinforce, redo, etc as we are able since new sheds are over 1k! I couldn't believe that when I saw the prices. Plus, our shed is already wired for electricity which is great. I would like to add fake windows to the front or something like this  and possible build out an A frame porch in front to connect to the length of carport. Look at these cool updated sheds on This Old House    

So excited to have a French blue hydrangea, it is thriving despite being planted too close to the A/C unit. I would love to try Martha Stewart's tutorial on transplanting hydrangeas to grow more since everyone has told us we should move this plant.
I hate these wooded beds with nothing but ivy. This wall will hopefully support trellis with blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry bushes next summer. I love making jam and would love to make progress towards sustainable living.

I love our carport for its convenience and weather protection, but lets face it is hideous. It has this scalloped edging that I was love to remove and just needs a paint and structural overhaul with cleaner lines. I would love to eventually string exterior lights here or somewhere...

rusted peeling paint - maybe just remove it entirely? I am definitely considering staining our concrete in a large brick pattern.big-block basketweave design on a porch floor also featured on This Old House
So we thought this tree was a weeping mulberry, but when it bloomed I started to think that it was a weeping crab apple instead - it was gorgeous!!

This years was so much fun seeing things unexpectedly come up, including daffodils in yellow and paper white

snowball bush
forsythia - so mad at my husband he keeps trimming it and I feel like forsythia looks so much better unkempt.
backyard view - I would love to dress up our chain link fence with shrubbery around and lattice work to increase our privacy. We were so fortunate to have a friend gift us her shrubs that she was removing from her house. I believe there were 17 in all, with knock out roses, small shrub roses, large and small holly. So now we just need to add to those beds and start a bed at the back. Plus I am desperately looking for an ideal location for a raised gardening bed. I haven't been able to identify these trees in the back yet, but they produce nuts in the fall and have interesting green fronds that hang down in the spring.
flowering trees I believe they are in the hibiscus family such a fun surprise. Though I hate how much they have been trimmed, it has caused the tree to go into over drive creating new and more branches. I would love to add an arched walkway to support the branches rather than cutting them back again.

silver maples desperately needing a few dead and hazardous branches trimmed
front of the house in spring, one of the few times that I am thankful for the time stamp, though all deciduous shrubs up front, except for that boxwood. We did a lot of pruning dead branches and cleanup this spring - remulching etc. Maybe add some solar stake lights to the front?

love love love these irises that popped up. There were three different colors, but these two toned ones were my favorite. On the agenda this fall is to divide and separate the rhizomes- they are so congested that some of them have stopped blooming. Despite this it was a great showing. I would love to scoot them back off the walkway a little and line it with something like lambs ear.

transformation coming soon! courtesy of limewashing and a trim redo