Friday, August 16, 2013

love you to the moon and back DIY

Yet another baby shower gift, could it be any more obvious that I have hit my 30s? This baby shower was book themed with a really cute little rhyme attached to the back of the invitation:

Although cards are nice, they're read once or twice 
A book is a treasure, forever and ever 
So instead of a card to be put aside 
Please give the baby a book with your name inside 
You don't need to spend much, it doesn't have to be new 
Any old book in good shape will do!

Being an avid reader, who has subsequently been on book binge, this was something to get excited about. So I decided to make my entire gift book themed. I looked up children's book quotes, then went to the local used book store in our area Ms. B's:

I picked out the following

When I found a good copy of Guess How Much I Love You I decided to use the abbreviated quote from the end of this book: I love you to the moon and back. I pulled out a few pallet pieces from a truly stubborn pallet that I ended up cutting apart into small boards, when I couldn't pull them apart. I sanded it down and cleaned it up a bit, then used wood glue to glue the pieces together. I was worried that wood glue wouldn't be sufficient and that I would need to use something else to attach the pieces, but it felt solid so left it as is. I stared at images of the quote on Google images for a while, before deciding that I liked this style. I proceeded to finagle with sizing and fonts on Microsoft Word before using the print and trace method I have used before. If you want this word document, feel free to message me and I would be happy to oblige!

 After tracing the above printed materials with a pencil so that it embedded a little into the wood, I filled it in with black sharpie.
 I cut the moon out of card stock in a light blue almost white color; then modge podged three scrapbooking trees and the moon to the wood. I filled the stars in with yellow sharpie.
 After the modge podge dried, it looked too shiny compared to the rest of the wood, so I proceeded to cover the whole board with modge podge. I left it to dry overnight, then in the morning attached picture hanging wire to the back with a staple gun, hammering in the staples to make sure it was really secure.
We tried it out on one of our walls, then wrapped up the books - which of course in typical fashion I forgot to write our names inside.
  I never know how these unplanned projects will turn out, but it is so much fun creating things. Not sure if this holds true for this project but the beauty is often in the imperfections in my opinion.