Tuesday, August 27, 2013

laundry room renovation

oh lovely wood cabinets, wood paneling, wood wood wood everywhere. Not to mention laminate flooring...which I have not yet managed to rid myself of.
Our laundry room is in the old double garage part of our house that has been sectioned up into 3 chunks 1/4 laundry room, 1/4 storage with a single garage door, and 1/2 carpeted living space. There is an exterior door that takes you outside underneath the car port and to the fenced in backyard and 2 interior doors to each of the above mentioned spaces.

First we used leftover bonding primer for shiny surfaces from the bonus room, which I will post about soon. Then I took leftover of the paint from the guest bedroom, Behr Down Pour and added cheap white paint from walmart to create this light gray with purplish hue. We painted the trim white well after the fact, but used once again leftover paint and primer from the kitchen cabinets to spruce up the cabinets in this room as well.
I eventually was able to convince my husband to remove the door shown above. It was unnecessary and broke up the line and access to the room visually, as the interior door connected to the carpet room.
I recently added these metal brackets with a hook for a rod. I used a spare old shower curtain rod left here and some of the old shelving that we repainted.
I strangely liked the old handles so they were kept. Though I am not a huge fan of the odd short cabinet shown below. Not sure what or when I will do something about that. Technically our water heater isn't to code because it doesn't have a pan, so there is every likelihood that it will have to be moved out underneath that weird short cabinet.
I regret painting that door purple - but someday I will fix it up.
To Do:
-repaint the purple door
-remove all mini blinds
-redo the floor, though we first have to decide what to do with the carpet area that also used to be part of the garage. A part of me wants to strip all the floor off and strain the concrete underneath, but we shall see..
-maybe move the recycling?
-add DIY shelving underneath the washer/dryer to make them higher up and increase for some laundry basket storage, like what is seen here in Ana White's tutorial
-continue to strive for a mudroom with lots of great storage as part of this space
-recover the ironing board
-redo light switch covers
-redo all brass fixtures, such as door knobs and the light fixture